Holy fuck. Havent been on here for a long as time. Kinda miss it i must say. Maybe ill be on more often now. 780 646 0051 shoot me a text if you are bored, even if you just want to bitch me out 

I cant say the devil made me do it. I chose to be the one I am, the way I am today. I wish there was, but there’s no way around it. In the end I made the choice and will not die ashamed.

LOL call me fat all you want, i know im fat and honestly the fact that it bugs you makes me like it! If you really have something to say, then say it directly to my face, not as i walk by, or over text, im in need of a good laugh =) last time i had a good laugh is when i realized you blocked me on facebook. Are you in grade 3 or what? go ahead and make people hate me, i dont have many friends here anyways and the ones i do will not listen to a word of bullshit that leaves your little mouth. i really hope you read this =)

chelsea smile…

chelsea smile…

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rest in peace dio, you were a god

rest in peace dio, you were a god

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Band Demo

So From Birth To Ash is going to be releasing a demo mid august of this year for $5.00. It is going to feature 5 songs:

- Strength With Numbers

- Blinded By The Everlasting Twilight

- Sorrow From The Battlefield

- The All Seeing Owl

- Death Won’t Stop Us

Also T-shirts have been ordered so those will be available shortly for $20.00.

(t-shirt design below)



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